Local Counsel Services & Outside General Counsel

The Gattey Law Office has substantial experience both retaining and serving as local counsel. We understand how to provide reliable service for out-of-state legal counsel with state or federal civil cases pending in California.

The Gattey Law Office is able to assist on a full range of local litigation services, including:

  • Motion practice
  • Discovery and deposition coverage
  • Advice on local rules and local court practices
  • Advice on mediators and discovery referees
  • Case management services such as working with experts or coordinating document production or local discovery review
  • Trial support services
Having relied on local counsel in it own practice, the Gattey Law Office understands the firm’s role and is always careful to maintain the integrity of the lead attorney-client relationship. Our office is experienced with local counsel service in business and commercial litigation, contract disputes, employment litigation and intellectual property matters. We provide such services to clients ranging from individuals and small businesses to major corporations.

The Gattey Law Office has the flexibility to make sure that the relationship succeeds on lead counsel’s terms. Whether clients require motions and discovery matters handled independently or simply require a pro hac vice admission and a local contact, providing local counsel services is a significant part of our practice. Outside General Counsel Services Businesses today need pragmatic solutions to solve everyday legal concerns.

The issues and challenges facing business leaders today often require counseling from an experienced attorney who has a deep understanding of how to balance legal considerations with business demands. A powerful alternative to hiring a full-time in-house counsel is to hire an outside general counsel who represents the company fully understanding its business, management and objectives. The Gattey Law Office brings a depth of senior legal expertise with an ability to grasp just how important it is to understand a company’s culture and way of conducting business. With an offsite general counsel in place, potential problems can be spotted and addressed before they develop into costly legal issues. We promote the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a cost-effective strategy to bring a prompt end to litigation whenever possible.

Outside General Counsel Services may include:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • General business review and risk assessment
  • Insurance coverage evaluation
  • Practical legal advice and strategy
  • Preventive litigation counseling
  • Vendor and supplier oversight
  • Workforce management
  • Overseeing and managing outside counsel representing the Company in other legal matters.

With our firm’s many years of experience selecting appropriate counsel, negotiating fee discounts and managing outside counsel, we are often able to not only obtain significant cost savings, but also to take over the day-to-day interactions with the Company’s outside counsel – freeing management to focus on the business.