Intellectual Property

Developing sound IP strategies to procure, protect, and leverage your intellectual property assets has never been more important. Your Company’s competitive viability depends on it.

In today’s fast-paced technology environment, you need counsel that can get up to speed fast and keep moving. We work in business time, enabling you to gain an advantage over your competition. We provide clients with a full complement of intellectual property law services, including:


Today’s information-driven economy has generated countless new forms of valuable copyrightable property, and has extended the scope of copyright laws to technologies that were never envisioned when these laws were enacted.

Clients rely on us for guidance on critical issues relating to the ownership and protection of copyrights arising from a wide range of works produced by employees, contractors and consultants — from software, technical manuals and advertising materials to catalogs, data sheets and original art. We are also able to offer advice on Internet-related matters involving hyper-linking, deep-linking, framing, and content protection.


We advise clients on the availability and strength of trademarks and service marks, and we can arrange for the registration and prosecution trademarks, service marks and copyrights. We also litigate intellectual property and unfair competition disputes in front of administrative agencies and state and federal courts.

Trade Secrets

Some of our clients’ most important intellectual property assets are unpatented — proprietary information and trade secrets routinely entrusted to employees. We counsel clients on how to protect their intellectual property and to ensure that their trade secrets do not walk out the door with an employee who happens to be joining a competitor.

We routinely advise clients on how to prevent the theft of confidential information from both external and internal threats by implementing trade secret protection and information security programs. Often, trade secret protection includes employee agreements that contain restrictive covenants (i.e., non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements). We assist clients in tailoring the appropriate restrictive covenants to conform to laws that vary widely by state. In California, we advise about the circumstances in which restrictive covenants may be enforceable. In other jurisdictions, laws governing restrictive covenants are quite different, and we are well versed in dealing with instances where the laws of various states are implicated.

The Gattey Law Office has significant experience training and assisting clients in the design and implementation of information security programs and policies to prevent the intentional or inadvertent loss of data. We are able to represent clients on the complex issues involved in employee raiding, customer raiding, and the departure of key employees. We also have significant experience successfully litigating cases involving trade secret misappropriation and restrictive covenants. We have in our careers obtained numerous preliminary injunctions in such cases and have also defeating numerous preliminary injunction motions.

Technology Licensing

IP strategies must serve business objectives. We work with each client to shape a strategy and develop a portfolio of technology assets that supports the company’s research, development, licensing, and marketing objectives. Our attorneys also represent companies in a wide variety of technology transactions, including agreements to develop, license, test, market, distribute, co-brand, protect, and acquire or divest technology and related intellectual property rights.

Our team has extensive experience advising both large and emerging technology companies. Representing a wide variety of clients in multiple of industries enables us to understand all aspects of technology and intellectual property transactions, including the different goals and viewpoints of all parties to a transaction.