The Gattey Law Office is committed to providing its clients:

Business-focused solutions

The first question we always ask is – “What would be the best outcome for the business?” We strive to see an issue from all possible angles, and leverage our analytical abilities and significant in-house experience to develop creative solutions designed to enable clients to achieve their key business objectives. This approach has helped our clients navigate numerous complex transactions and resolve multi-million dollar lawsuits. Unlike many other lawyers, we enjoy thinking outside the box.

Valuable experience at reasonable rates

We keep our overhead low by using technology and not duplicating effort. The structure of the firm allows us to keep billing rates at a reasonable level while leveraging our significant and unique expertise.


We fully understand the deadlines necessary to conduct business in today’s environment. We are firmly committed to responding to our clients promptly and in encouraging and maintaining frequent communication. We are early adopters of technologies that help us to better serve our clients and save money in the process.


We are committed to teamwork. We understand that it takes many people working together to achieve a Company’s objectives. Our interpersonal skills allow us to develop strong relationships with our clients’ staff and senior executives.